Understanding football fans from all over the world?

No problem with this app!

Do you know what a “coup-franc” is? Do you know what the player is going to get when the referee shows him the “crveni karton”? No? You don’t have to. Because from now on you can look it up in the football app of the Verband der Konferenzdolmetscher (VKD) im BDÜ e.V. (Association of Conference Interpreters).

In order for you to understand fans from all over the world and to be able to share the excitement, swear and cheer with them, Crossrelations has once again developed a browser-based football app on behalf of VKD this year. In it, the most important sentences and terms for football matches in all World Cup languages are always quickly at hand, at any time and anywhere: the app works on PCs and laptops as well as on all common smartphones.

For the 2018 FIFA Football World Cup, a VKD language guide is available again, which can be downloaded as a flexible PDF file.

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