With the renaissance of the universal cutter, market leader Graef has brought this traditional kitchen appliance segment back on track for success. To this end, Crossrelations has coined the new kitchen of fine sliced food as kitchen trend SlicedKitchen and presented it anew. It was the consistent change of perspective towards enjoyment and creativity with the best, straightforward, technology.

This new understanding of the brand experienced its first convincing appearance in the Magalog “Mundwerk” on the occasion of the IFA 2017.

The magazine for retailers and consumers featured stories, tips and interviews about the new SlicedKitchen. It was the emotional environment for staging new products and classics. The claim of the new creative kitchen thus found its counterpart in the creative implementation of the magazine.

At the same time, we reach hobby chefs via the corporate blog and social media channels and continuously supplying them with recipes and tips from the world of sliced food.

Just like with small movies that have the aspiration to entertain.