E-Magalog Graefs Mundwerk

Einen Schnitt voraus

On the occasion of the IFA, the household appliance manufacturer Graef presents its product highlights in an E-Magalog. This is the online combination of a current catalogue about all-purpose slicers and sieve carrier espresso machines in the look of a magazine about good food, refined recipes and the right preparation. All told by chefs and food connoisseurs with engaging stories and stunning images. The entire brand understanding and philosophy of the company can be impressively experienced on double pages, for the trade as well as for the consumer. The sophisticated magazine pages are the generous platform for movies and slide shows. In this way, the brand retains its charisma, the company comes alive and the information has depth. Click here for the e-malogue “Graefs Mundwerk” https://graef.blog/emagalog/