Our Power Network

Our Power Network

The world is too complex, the need for innovation too high and the number of intelligent people too large to rely only on themselves.

appcom interactive

Progress in research and technology continues to create breathtaking opportunities in software development. Our partner appcom interactive is one of those developers who bring (native) apps and innovative web applications to the market again and again with great creativity. Precise concepts, constant usability and a visual experience ensure that the applications make a lasting impression. Among the latest surprises from the Düsseldorf software company are e-learning modules for internal communication or for the application of products requiring explanation.

concept m

We like to imagine that it is the power of our arguments or the pure quality of a product that can motivate consumers to buy or create confidence in a brand. An illusion that often leads communication down the wrong path. The psychologists at concept m know what moves people, as customers, employees and citizens. With scientific precision, they look at where consumer life is happening and tell us how brands, products or communication work. A special feature that concept m regularly uses: The everyday studio. A research apartment in which the test subjects can naturally immerse themselves in their everyday mood. The rooms in the everyday studio cover all areas of life: Cooking, media use, household, family life.

concept pro

Do you consider prepress and production to be trivial transactions in demanding print productions? Then your projects were undoubtedly under a good star. The fact is that many publishing projects miss their qualitative targets in this phase because the precision is not right in prepress or printing. Our partner Judith Erpenbach and her company concept pro have been working with us for many years to realize the most demanding publishing productions.

Institut für Markenkommunikation

The Institute for Brand Communication IMK in Berlin and Düsseldorf has the expertise for applied brand management. It combines the disciplines of the scientific consideration of brands with the implementation of brands. As a link between business and research, the IMK forms a competence center for scientifically sound brand communication. Since communication is always be conveyed through the media and media are increasingly digitalized, brand communication in the context of digital media forms a focal point.


Xengoo Consulting’s consulting services cover all aspects of modern digital marketing. A special focus is the transformation from classic “push marketing” to a more customer-oriented “inbound content marketing”. Xengoo’s consultants integrate strategy, technology and content in order to develop customer-specific solutions. Xengoo Consulting helps companies with the transformation to this new type of digital marketing.


Mediacolor is our proven partner for films and videos for industry, commerce, art and culture, film, television and the Internet. With more than 15 years of experience in consulting, conception, organization and realization of film and video for classic as well as new media, the company covers the entire spectrum of moving image production. Its specialties include video live streams (fixed Internet or bundled mobile phone lines), webinars and 2D/3D animation productions.

Lautenbach Sass

Lautenbach Sass specializes in the management of corporate communications. The consulting focus is on measurable alignment with corporate strategy and the further development of organizational structures and processes. Thus the management consultation supports communication responsible persons to arrange their communication more effectively and more efficiently.


raumHOCH transfers brand communication into the third dimension. Sometimes even into the fourth dimension. With the curiosity and joy of discovery of children, the creativity of the artist and the precision of the architect, the raumHOCH team opens up (play) spaces for communication that did not exist before. Whether showroom, trade fair presentation or workspace – raumHOCH concepts are never l’art pour l’art, but aim at a maximum communication effect. And where this reaches its material limits in physical spaces, these are often overcome with the help of algorithms and create new experiences in virtual spaces.

40° - Labor für Innovation

The economist and consultant Bernard deals with the development of innovation strategies, especially against the background of change processes and identity strategies. As an expert for digitization with proven technology expertise, his methodical focus is on the modeling of business processes including innovative and technology-driven solutions.