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Marketing communications

The needs and demands of customers change just as dynamically as products and services. In order to survive in such a competitive field, a strong brand and strategic communication are required.

crossrelations develops creative and market-oriented communication measures. We have industry-specific product and market know-how, experience in the development and maintenance of brand images and in the communicative support of sales and distribution strategies.


A good campaign brings the use of funds efficiently and just in time to the point. It integrates all communication channels and has a creative guiding idea that is emotionally appealing and entertaining. These requirements can no longer be met by a single communication discipline. The future belongs undisputedly to the integration of the views and effects of advertising and PR. While advertising makes the actor or the topic visible, public relations extends the campaign into non-advertising public communication and deepens it through narrative design. crossrelations designs and implements integrated campaigns..

Contact: Jörg Middelkamp
Office Rhine-Main
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