Exciting times for young professionals and old hands

The young university graduates are better qualified for their communication tasks than many of their predecessors. They know the necessary basics. They have become familiar with the essential methods and concepts of communication. They have learned what constitutes an Issues Management process and how to recognize whether communication contributes to added value. Above all, they know what they do not (yet) know. These are not the worst prerequisites for starting out in communications consulting at crossrelations brandworks. We are constantly looking for applicants who see more in communications consulting than just a transit station and a springboard into the company.

We are aware of the fact that we have to offer young professionals more than projects that are waiting to be processed. We want them to deepen and further develop their acquired knowledge in the practice of consulting. crossrelations stands for sophisticated communication solutions in the field of networked communication. Our clients expect us to have in-depth knowledge of corporate communications, but above all that we are familiar with the issues, stakeholders and challenges of their markets. We therefore have a keen interest in building up our junior consultants to strengthen our client advisory services in the long term. We are doing a lot to achieve this.

With our crossacademy offer, we ensure that your knowledge remains up-to-date and that you acquire what makes crossrelations tick. If you are curious and would like to further develop your knowledge and personality in demanding and often interdisciplinary communication projects, we should get to know each other.

Even as an experienced professional, you may not have been able to fully develop your skills. Our consulting mandates in the area of communication management and especially in the consulting fields of issues management, CSR and sustainability communication and content solutions place the highest demands on resilient consulting skills as well as convincing practical experience. Are you interested in our core areas? Even if we are not currently looking for new consultants, we would be pleased to get to know you. If you want to change, please feel free to contact us.

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