Issues Management & Crisis Communications

Anyone who has early warning systems at their disposal and has topic careers in mind will rarely be surprised by a crisis. And in many cases they can even avoid it.

No longer the crisis management system is the biggest challenge of communication. It is the attitude of the company during the crisis.

How to limit the damage with good communication and at the same time maintain the trust of consumers and trade.


Preserving value with Issues Management
Preserving value with Issues Management

Companies constantly operate in the field of tension between the most diverse interests and stakeholder groups. The early recognition and control of communicative risks and opportunities is therefore of central strategic importance.

A systematic Issues Management enables the timely identification and processing of risk issues by management and communication. It prepares the ground for public disputes and helps to convey one’s own positions in good time and to preserve reputational opportunities.

With whisPR ® we have our own Issues Management System at our disposal.

Crises – always at the wrong time
Crises – always at the wrong time

Today more than ever, companies are the focus of public attention. In the event of sudden problems and crises, only those can survive who have prepared themselves in advance for communication in an emergency – offline as well as online.

In order to maintain the ability to act – even under difficult conditions-, potential crises must be analyzed in advance, early warning systems implemented and existing communication structures reviewed. Prepared communication plans, checklists and prepared media can save valuable time in the event of a crisis. Crisis exercises uncover weak points at an early stage and help to raise employees’ awareness.

With crossrelations you have a partner with crisis experience at your side. Of course we also support you operationally in acute crises. If necessary, around the clock.

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Goods recall: How good communication limits damage
Goods recall: How good communication limits damage

The consumer portal counted 161 recalls of food for the year 2017. The number of recalls has risen continuously since the opening of the portal by the BMEL in 2011. In the meantime, a recall frequency of three events per week has been reached. Consumer advocates criticize that important food warnings often do not reach consumers. In many cases, companies and authorities decide too late, sometimes not at all, to recall food and inform the public. Companies run a considerable risk of being held liable for possible damage. After all, almost everyone who publishes alerts on has the potential to mature into a full-blown crisis in the shortest possible time under appropriate conditions. The annual increase in the number of incidents reported on food warnings can therefore be explained by a growing sensitivity and precautionary orientation on the part of manufacturers.

crossrelations has many years of experience in communication relating to product recalls. In the food sector in particular, we have carried out numerous recall campaigns over the years, from crisis exercises and the development of crisis management systems (according to IFS) to comprehensive crisis support.

With these services we support you - preventatively or in case of emergency

Product recall

With good preparation to weather the next food crisis
With good preparation to weather the next food crisis

Whoever gets into a food crisis as a manufacturer or retailer needs competent and experienced partners at his side very quickly. Together with our partners from the renowned law firm KWG, which specialises in food law, we have been preparing customers for the worst case for many years. With well thought-out crisis exercises, we largely play through concrete product and trust crises in real time. A special feature of these scenarios is that high-quality legal advice is closely interlinked with communication services in all phases, be it with authorities, customers or consumers. Legal advice also pursues the goal of not only legally securing the company concerned, but also keeping it capable of communication.

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