Your application

A few hints on the screening process

Send us a meaningful application that shows us that you have dealt with us and our topics. We look forward to receiving your application by e-mail. Attachments should not be larger than 3 MB. If you have aroused our interest with your short application, we will contact you and request your complete application documents. We are interested in training, university, internship and job references as well as work samples or a brief characterization of your previous professional activities. After receipt of your application you will receive a confirmation of receipt.

An application round ties up considerable resources in the agency in addition to day-to-day business. We therefore ask you to refrain from actively enquiring about the status of the application round.

We make every effort to inform all applicants sufficiently about the progress of their application. If we are unable to consider your application any further, you will receive a rejection e-mail from us. You will not receive a reason during this phase. We ask for your understanding.

As a rule, we conduct applicant interviews in at least two stages. In a first interview, we give both sides the opportunity to get a first impression of each other. In a second interview, we will involve other employees from among those with whom you would later be working. It is important to us to gain as comprehensive an impression of you as possible and to ensure that you fit in well with us! Good consulting services are almost always the result of good teamwork. Therefore, beyond individual expertise, the team factor always has the highest priority for us. In the same way, we would like to give you the opportunity to get to know us and to be able to assess exactly what you are getting yourself into.

Please feel free to send us your application or questions.