Some call it integrated communication.

We call it crossrelations.

Coordinated communication measures are more powerful and sustainable. This has been the simple and convincing basic idea behind the consulting brand crossrelations for over 18 years. Communicative impact is the benchmark that determines everything for us. The interdisciplinary orientation of crossrelations enables our clients to increase the added value of their communication. We derive communicative approaches from business objectives. We network minds and measures across all boundaries of communication channels. We have both the feeling for the sophisticated argument as well as the creativity for the surprising appearance.

We are not a static agency. With an experienced core team, we solve our clients’ tasks together with a network of experts that has been tried and tested over many years. crossrelations advisors think thoroughly about their projects and are always looking for creative solutions. They are curious and explore new technologies, methods and solutions. In everything we do, we have a keen sense of ethical issues and requirements. We behave fairly in the market and among ourselves. Our guiding principle when working with clients is empathy and the search for the best communication solution.

For our clients, we are consultants wherever we can contribute our experience and solution competence to a better communication performance. We are creative and reliable craftsmen wherever a customer expects the perfect implementation of a communication task. When the work begins, we are familiar with the market and our clients’ topics. To ensure that this remains the case, research and competence development are very important to us.

Our clients particularly appreciate our many years of experience in dealing with responsibility issues. We are familiar with the challenges of sustainability and know the relevant stakeholders. Dealing with sensitive issues has made us sought-after partners in crisis communication.

All in all, the idea of crossrelations seems to be convincing. The loyalty of our customers speaks in favour of this. Customer relationships that last well over 10 years are not uncommon here and make us proud.  Reliability, competence and sympathy are not signs of fatigue here.

Would you like to get to know us better? Then take a look at the service fields and work examples on this website. We look forward to convincing you as well.