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Health - an expansive market of trust

Today, health is more than just a desirable physical condition. Depending on your life situation, health is a subjective asset, an asset in your career, retirement provision, satisfaction parameter, your own body a promising investment space. People are increasingly assuming responsibility for their health. They inform themselves and as “prosumers” become demanding and critical stakeholders of the health care system. Visible signs of this are a noticeable increase in personal responsibility and a more conscious approach to one’s own health.

At the same time, health-oriented citizens are willing to do something about it and invest in their health. Tomorrow’s consumers want to grow old satisfied, healthy and vital. The willingness to prevent self-optimization of one’s own health enjoys high social recognition and becomes the engine of an expansive market beyond the legal offers. The need for information is enormous. Health topics are far in front in the on-line search. 63 per cent of the Germans asked first the net for medical information. Many providers try to profit from this demand. It is clear that these target groups expect a different kind of communication as customers. Communication at eye level. Above all, however, the healthcare market is a market of trust.

The communicative challenges are as demanding as they are varied: be it communication between doctors and patients, clinics and their staff or referring physicians, or the question of the appropriate mediation of healthcare systems by the media.

crossrelations has experience in the areas of health education, the market launch of new offers and the marketing and positioning of clinics.

Communication on pharmaceutical products is not part of our portfolio. Others can do that better. We are there for you for all other challenges in the healthcare sector.

Clinic marketing

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Flat rates per case, competitive pressure, lack of personnel. Clinics have to face a multitude of challenges. Almost every one of these challenges has to do with communication and marketing. Still uncharted territory for many clinics. Information on the Internet, a blessing for patients and specialists, can become a brake on growth for a clinic – or a real opportunity for a turnaround.

Today more than ever, the public perception of clinics is decisive for the success or failure of their economic goals. Without a reputation, sought-after specialists migrate and beds remain empty. Whereas in the past the decision for a clinic was based on accessibility, today the patient selects the clinic on the basis of personal recommendations, assessments on the Internet and the external image of the hospital. Competence and comfort point the way to success in competition.

However, quality alone is not enough – it must also be communicated effectively. Only when verifiable quality features are combined with trust values can a clinic brand develop.

You ask yourself how you can achieve this? Do you ask yourself how you can strengthen the communicative reach and recommendation marketing of your company and how you can bind patients to you in the long term? Do you want to align the Internet presence and social media presence of your clinic in such a way that it supports the development of a clinic brand that will be successful in the long term?

In our special clinic marketing we highlight the most important fields of action of the communicative clinic presence for you. Get an idea of the new communicative design possibilities and solutions. Recognize how you can close the gaps in the marketing of your offer with limited resources, but all the more determination.

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