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Where is the energy transition taking me?

The energy industry is under massive pressure. Reliable supplies and energy costs, market liberalization, unbundling and climate change are the issues that affect the industry and the public alike. While investments are necessary, above all the expansion and conversion of the networks is required, producers and consumers are faced with an oversupply on the market and the high costs of the EEG levy. And then innovations such as electromobility are to be stemmed. Municipal companies in particular see themselves in a tight spot. On the one hand, they see their opportunity to gain the trust of their customers through a decentralised, environmentally compatible and price-stable supply system. At the same time, current conditions do not allow the existing power plant park to be operated economically and are driving losses. Politicians are called upon here to take account of the new requirements with new “rules of the game” and a changed market design. But also the communication of the suppliers must act.

The energy turnaround resembles an open-heart operation. All those involved are confronted with open questions to which there are only partial answers. This makes it all the more important to maintain close contact with customers in this phase and to promote trust.  Consumers are increasingly questioning the supply chain and are interested in the quality of energy production and use. More than ever, sustainability and social responsibility play an important role in their decisions. This can also be an opportunity.

As consultants, we have been at home in the energy market for many years. Since the opening of the electricity markets, we have supported companies of all sizes in communication and marketing. Our forecast: The future does not belong to the cheapest provider, but to the one who offers customers intelligent, decentralised solutions and secures lasting trust.

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