Sustainability is the precious metal of communication. Demanding in its extraction, but of high value for its reputation. Our supreme discipline for many years.

Sustainability reports are among the most sought-after, but also the most demanding corporate publications. In the German market, we hold some of the longest consulting experience in the application of the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

Product trust always also means trust in the manufacturer. Supply chain and trade. In addition to material properties, consumers also want to be able to trust ethical quality. A challenge for marketing and communication.

Risk prevention or opportunity strategy: CSR becomes demanding

The economy can only function as long as the environment and society function. Companies that burden the general public for the sake of their profits find themselves increasingly exposed to public discussion and thus to reputational risks. Many companies have recognised this, are observing the opinion market very closely and are looking for ways to give something back to society. Above all, they have learnt that even in this business dimension, digitization intensifies the risks. Today, the effects of entrepreneurial activity are made transparent via social media and can become campaign-capable in the shortest possible time. At the same time, digitisation is also making CSR more measurable, also from a stakeholder perspective. Regardless of the question of whether CSR is part of a company’s risk prevention or rather of its opportunity strategy, communication plays a key role in this. Successful CSR requires not only active engagement with one’s own position, but also continuous and authentic dialogue with stakeholders. Those who only talk and do not act quickly lose trust and credibility.

Well-known companies have relied on our expertise in the field of sustainability for years. Discover your CSR communication potential with us now.

Orange is the new green.

Those who face up to their social responsibility and act in an exemplary sustainable manner should also be heard and understood.

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Reporting: Report correctly. And that really well
Reporting: Report correctly. And that really well

Employees look for identification, financial analysts look for hints on further value development and applicants want to gain a feeling for the ethics and sustainability of their future employer: Today, sustainability reports are among the most influential and most sought-after corporate publications. In the German market, we have some of the longest consulting experience in applying the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). As an organizational stakeholder, we are actively involved in the further development of the guidelines. Reports developed by crossrelations repeatedly prove top positions in rankings.

Let us inform you about the current reporting trends.

Sustainability Reporting

Sustainability Reporting

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Product responsibility is reflected in the quality of communication

Product responsibility is considered by many companies to be the main risk area for company management. Products should offer the greatest possible customer benefit, at the same time comply with the highest safety standards and cause as little damage as possible to people and the environment. In reality, these target levels involve risks that are difficult to cover. Companies must continuously identify potential health and environmental risks along the entire value chain and derive measures to minimize these risks.

Can consumers be harmed when using a product? Does the product pose any risks to humans and the environment during its manufacture? Do we know enough about the life cycle of a product across all production, processing and distribution stages? No company can completely describe risks here, let alone bring them under control. In fact, however, companies are constantly monitored and questioned in their actions by customers and other stakeholders. Examples from the textile industry, the food industry and the technology sector show that the supply chain in particular is under special observation by consumer organizations and NGOs.

Transparency, dialogue and attitude can make a significant contribution to trust and credibility. crossrelations has many years of experience with key stakeholders in the social-ecological environment and we know what consumers expect from brands and companies. Talk to us when it comes to embedding product responsibility in communication solutions.

How we support you in a recall campaign

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Communication in the food industry

Andreas Severin talks to 'Vorkoster' Björn Freitag about the food industry's lack of transparency and willingness to talk. (from 1:02:00 in the video)
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