What will I drive (or be driven) with in five years?

Automotive companies are an essential pillar of the German economy. One third of all expenditure on research and development is invested here. Approximately 426 billion euros (2017) are invested annually. But the industry is in a state of flux and faces major challenges. Without a doubt, the biggest challenge is the imminent departure from fossil fuels and the market-ready transition to new drive concepts. Consumers today are uncertain as to which technology and which supplier they can trust. Do you still have to own your own car today? Will today’s manufacturers lead tomorrow’s markets?

crossrelations has many years of experience in the field of cars and the environment. Over many years, we have helped shape communication on environmental issues for the largest European automotive company via theme portals, sustainability reports and dialogue offerings.

Our services range from topic management and sophisticated target group publications to content offers for automotive stakeholders. With our many years of experience and an extensive network in the automotive sector, we are one of the most experienced agencies in this segment.

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