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Who we are

Our mission is to give voice and ear to the concerns of sustainability and social responsibility. For many years we have been dealing with issues of sustainable development. We know the issues and actors. Our name says it all. crossrelations works across disciplines and resources. With professional know-how, theme competence and ethical sensitivity, we find communication solutions and provide orientation.


What we do

For our customers we are consultants wherever we can contribute with experience and solution competence to a better communication performance. We are creative and reliable craftsmen wherever a client expects the perfect implementation of a communication task. But in whatever role: When we accept an assignment, we know exactly what needs to be done and know the terrain.


Between lockdown and relaxation: In search of the new normality

An interim report from the new everyday life

The crossrelations team was mainly in the home office for the past 85 days. In the meantime, we meet again two to three times a week in the office. We enjoy getting together again and experiencing the team spirit. During a lockdown like this, you realize what you’re actually missing: the small exchange in the coffee kitchen, the neighbours of the start-up that is just entering an exciting launch phase, the spontaneous meetings with the permanent ITQ tinkerers who surprise us with their new technologies, or simply the chance encounters during lunch at Babasu, which expand into mini-workshops. Yes, in the spacious rooms of the “Tectrum” it has become much quieter these days than its architect Norman Foster once imagined.


Sustainable transformation for company and brand

Sustainability is the precious metal of communication. Demanding to win, but of great value for the reputation. 20 years ago we realized the first German sustainability report according to GRI standards. Today, we also support companies in their process of sustainable transformation. Customers and legislators demand honest answers to urgent future questions.

We find: Companies that face up to their social responsibility and act in an exemplary sustainable manner deserve to be heard. We develop their sustainability strategy, condense it into their individual story and convince their friends as well as their critics in a permanent dialogue.


Our References

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